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      At The Little Red Shop, you’ll find the same great brands you are used to seeing in our brick & mortar, SU Mercantile. And not only will you be able to find something for everyone in your family, the best news is — you’ve now got two great places to shop! When you're on the island, SU Mercantile is your go-to shop for the family, and now you can shop online and on the road with The Little Red Shop!

      And even better — The Little Red Shop could be rolling into your town! That’s right, our vintage trailer is decked out and ready to roll -- look for us popping up all over the southeast!

      Lauren Fisher // The Little Red Shop


      Surf Unlimited started as a small family-owned surf shop on Ocean Isle Beach — now 40 years later, that little surf shop has blossomed into a thriving boutique that is a place the entire family can shop — SU Mercantile. From mom, dad, teens, toddlers and even babies-to-be, we’ve got everyone covered … literally!

      And it’s not just our business that has grown, our family is growing as well! We’ve added some boys to the family — love our son-in-laws! — and even a few grandbabies! With all these new additions, we thought we'd keep our family business growing as well!

      So as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are excited to introduce The Little Red Shop, our newest addition to the SU family, run by our oldest baby girl, Lauren Fisher!

      Leigh & Scooter Simmons // SU Mercantile & Scooter's Surf Garage

      We hope you’re as excited as we are about the newest addition to our family — the only question now is what are you buying first?!

      meet the fam!
      Walt, Lauren, Adelaide & Jefferson Fisher; Matt, Meghan & Indie Fookes; Grayson Caldwell; Scooter & Leigh Simmons